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RT Documentary (RTД) is a Russian free-to-air documentary channel presented in both the English and Russian languages.  It was launched on 23 June 2011 by the then President Dmitry Medvedev who visited RT's studio in Moscow,  and deals with a wide variety of topics including Russian culture and life in Russia. The channel shows documentaries mostly on Russia but also from around the globe.

RTD is a documentary channel in Russian that is part of the international network RT. He began broadcasting in 2013.

The channel broadcasts documentaries and series, special programs, interviews, and social and political talk shows.

RTD documentaries are devoted to important political and social issues, they talk about scientific achievements, life and traditions in different countries of the world, about the wonders of nature.

Documentary series will allow viewers to gain a deeper understanding of different areas of life, feel like eyewitnesses of events and get to know the characters of the show more closely.

RTD programs are exclusive reports, talk shows and interviews, discussions and expert comments. Well-known TV presenters and journalists talk about what usually does not fall into the lenses of television cameras of other media.

The RTD documentary channel is available in satellite, cable, mobile, IPTV networks in Russia and abroad. The largest Russian operators broadcasting RTD are Tricolor TV, Rostelecom, Beeline, Megafon and MTS.