Astro TV

אודות הערוץ

Astro TV is a private television station in Germany , that of Adviqo is operated and with astrology and esotericism is concerned. It is distributed in all German cable networks and also on the program slots of several other stations. Since 2018, adviqo and its Astro TV station have belonged to a group of investors around some of the founders.


The program mainly deals with astrology, horoscopes clairvoyance and card reading Interested viewers can call on a chargeable number. If a random generator has selected the viewer, they can seek advice live on the television program. Astro TV also offers all first-time callers a free call on a free 0800 number. According to Astro TV, there is no random generator that selects a viewer, but the order of the callers is decisive. From time to time, first callers are switched live to advertise this advice in a live interview.

Accompanying the program, a web shop was operated on the station's homepage for eight years until it was discontinued around the end of 2014. It advertised relevant astrology products and was also available from Germany on an 0800 telephone number.